Orange Cookies by Swagg Terpenes

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Orange Cookies by Swagg Terpenes

$9.99 $19.99
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Orange Cookies by Swagg Terpenes.

Orange Cookies by Swagg Terpenes is a highly unique indica-heavy strain that provides a quick burst of extreme headiness that’s soon mellowed out so that the user can feel nice, calm, relaxed and creatively inspired. Once that initial blast of psych activity wears off, you can expect to feel extremely refreshed and tranquil while enjoying the imagination-evoking effects. You’ll also feel a nice body sensation that’s warm, fuzzy and comforting.

The flavor profile of Orange Cookies is rated among the best, providing the palate with bright, zesty oranges followed by a wave of buttery, sweet sugar cookies that melt on the tongue. You’ll be licking your lips thanks to that glorious taste. And, the aroma is nothing short of intoxicating, making your mouth water.

Orange Cookies comes in four different sizes that will meet your specific preferences.

Those seeking an effective yet far from the overwhelming strain that is rich in aromas should consider Orange Cookies. Try some for yourself today!


Potential Effects: Soothing, Creative, Uplifting

Fragrance: Citrus, Orange, Sweet

What's in the Bottle: 100% Swagg Terpene, Nothing Else!



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