Grape Ape Wax and Shatter Liquidizer


Grape Ape Wax and Shatter Liquidizer

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Grape Ape Wax and Shatter Liquidizer Kit by Swagg Terpenes

Terpenes are all the rage these days, and it’s easy to understand why. They allow you to enjoy the unique benefits that a certain strain has to offer. The Grape Ape Wax and Shatter Liquidizer Kit by Swagg Terpenes allows you to enjoy one of the most exceptional Indica strains out there while making it easy for you to turn your wax into an e-juice that’s compatible with virtually any tank or cartridge on the market.

Grape Ape is known for its incredible ability to relax the mind and mellow the mood. It’s great for those particularly stressful days when you need to forget about your worries. This particular liquidizer boasts a tasty grape flavor that’s sweet and tangy, making it uniquely yummy to vape.

Grape Ape by Swagg Terpenes is the perfect flavor for those who are looking for intense sedative effects. This particular strain is renowned for its ability to calm the mind on a profound level while promoting effortless sleep that lasts through the night.

A slow-acting strain that starts out by calming down your thoughts. Then, it takes over your body, making you feel pleasantly heavy. Meanwhile, your mind enters a state of tranquility that you never knew was possible.

The grape-like flavor of this strain makes it especially appealing. Notes of earth and berries linger underneath. Comes in four different bottle sizes depending on your needs.

Ready to enjoy what this product has to offer? Just combine a gram of wax with two milliliters of the product and add it to the microwave. This allows the wax to turn into a terpene-rich e-liquid that’s easy to pour into your tank.


Potential Effects: Relaxing, Happy, Sedative

Fragrance: Berry, Earthy, Grape


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