Banana Kush Wax and Shatter Liquidizer kit

Banana Kush Wax and Shatter Liquidizer Kit by Swagg Terpenes

is a highly unique and particularly fragrant that’s not your traditional couch-locking variation. This one provides you with serious headiness, making you feel creatively inspired and even slightly energized, blissful relaxation. Don’t be surprised if you start nodding off shortly after consuming this one because of its sedative-like effects that are incredibly potent.

The strong banana flavor evokes images of tropical beaches while you prepare for peace and relaxation. The citrusy undertones are deeply satisfying while the natural, consistent sweetness of this flavor makes you want to lick your lips like crazy.

Banana Kush comes in 15ml Bottle size so you can play around with your dose as desired and tolerated.

The Banana Kush Wax and Shatter Liquidizer Kit by Swagg Terpenes helps you turn any wax concentrate into a tasty oil, banana Kush known for its profound sleep-enhancing benefits. That’s because Banana Kush is a popular Indica strain that’s commonly used for people struggling with getting shuteye each night.

Our Banana Kush wax and Shatter Liquidizer have a sublime taste that provides your palate with sweet and creamy bananas whenever you take a hit. its Soothed, Care-free, Promotes relaxation, Calming, Improves sleep 

Best of all, this product is extremely easy to use and works its magic in a matter of minutes. Just take one or half milliliters of our Banana Kush swagg Terpenes concentrate Liquidizer and mix it with a gram of your favorite concentrate . Then, heat it and pour it into any vape cartridge or tank. 

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