About Us

About Us

Established in August of 2018, Swagg Terpenes came about to provide a unique way to take your vaping experience to the next level. The innovative line of swagg Liquidizers allow any wax concentrate product to be turned into a vape-friendly liquid within minutes. Our facility in Phoenix, Arizona houses industry experts who workday and night to ensure that the quality of our products is consistent as well as outstanding. We take our work very seriously, and care about improving the way in which our customers enjoy their concentrate products.

Carefully Formulated Products for a Superior Experience

Swagg Terpenes Wax & Shatter Liquidizers were developed as a way to make the experience of vaping concentrates more convenient and efficient. We worked hard with experts in the field to develop a formula that’s user-friendly, safe and effective while remaining highly consistent. We know for certain that our products are capable of meeting customers’ demands because we test each batch repeatedly to ensure that it’s up to our high standards. 

Immaculate Facility for Quality Control

Swagg Terpenes has put enormous effort into ensuring that our facility is up to industry standards. From the equipment that we operate to the ingredients which go into our formulas, every detail of our manufacturing process meets regulations and guidelines within the industry.

A Team of Experts Behind the Scenes

Our team is professional, educated and dedicated to putting in the extra mile to give customers what they want. Each batch is handled with care, tested and tweaked until it’s absolutely perfect.

Our Mission

At Swagg Terpenes, our mission is simple: we tirelessly strive to provide you with the convenient and satisfying vape that you deserve.

Interested in partnering with us, in becoming a vendor or have business development inquiries, please email: swaggterpenes@gmail.com with detailed information.