San Fernando Valley OG (SFV)

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San Fernando Valley OG (SFV)

$9.99 $19.99
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San Fernando Valley OG (SFV)

SFV OG (San Fernando Valle) by Swagg Terpenes is a sativa-dominant and isn’t exactly for the faint of heart, but its effects are so profound that it’s absolutely deserving of your attention. This powerful sativa has the unique ability to totally relax the mind and body without making you feel uncomfortably heavy and in serious need of a nap. It’s energizing yet tranquilizing, meaning that you’ll feel at ease but prepared to handle the day ahead.

The intense flavor profile of this terpene strain is as skunky as they come, boasting notes of diesel, lemon, pine and earth. This is a strain that’s perfect for daytime. Comes in four different sizes and it’s very easy to add to your tank or cartridge thanks to the dropper. 

You can play around with your dosage level to find what works for you.

This is certainly not a strain to use to start your day. However, it is quite ideal for winding down.


Potential Effects: Restful, Euphoric, Happy

Fragrance: Piney, Earthy, Dirty, Pungent

What's in the Bottle: 100% Swagg Terpene, Nothing Else!



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