Durban Poison by Swagg Terpenes

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Durban Poison by Swagg Terpenes

$12.99 $19.99
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Durban Poison by Swagg Terpenes:

Originating from the South African port city of Durban, Durban Poison by Swagg Terpenes is considered here to be a highly potent, sativa-dominant strain that’s great for increasing emotional well-being while taking you on a spiritual journey of sorts. Extremely heady, this one will make you want to escape into the unknown corners of your own mind. Its uplifting effects ensure that the ride will be enjoyable to say the least. And, it’s great for those struggling with depression because of its ability to improve insight, creativity and general happiness.

The herbaceous flavor profile is nothing short of refreshing, intriguing and soothing your palate simultaneously. Notes of pine, earth and citrus pop up to keep your tongue on the edge of its seat. 

You can also choose between four different bottle sizes.

From its exquisite aromatic profile to its high potency, Durban Poison is an iconic strain indeed.


Potential Effects: Productive, Creative, Energy, Focusing

Fragrance: Sweet, Sour, Earth, Pine, Citrus

What's in the Bottle: 100% Swagg Terpene, Nothing Else!



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