ACDC Terpenes Strain Profile

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 ACDC Terpene Strain Profile By Swagg Terpenes 

 a stunningly balanced blend of sativa and Indica strains  that lets you relax without feeling uncomfortably sedated. The sativa gives you that boost of mental clarity and energy while the indica squashes feelings of stress and anxiety. Great for those dealing with a low mood, it’s calming without putting you to sleep right away.

Besides its beneficial effects on the mind, ACDC is a powerful painkiller that can help with everything from cramps to migraines. Once it gets to work uplifting and soothing your mind, it delivers waves of relief to tense muscles and general discomfort, allowing your body to feel like it’s finally at ease. Also, the type of strain you can enjoy at a social gathering.

The intriguing flavorful profile delivers floral and earthy notes before exciting the tongue with the tastes of fresh lemongrass and cherry. Pine and woodsy notes linger.

Creating euphoric through all your senses, an enjoyable peace and happiness, sociable and focus, and complete relaxation of body and mind without a worry on the horizon but all with a clear head!


ACDC Strain Aroma

The smell of the ACDC Terpenes Profile strain has an interesting mix of both pine and skunky aromas. The strain also has strong hints of lemon and floral scents.

ACDC Strain Taste Profile

The ACDC Terpenes Profile strain delivers a well-rounded sense of taste that will excite your senses. Users of ACDC will find that the flavor profile is very similar to the aromas mentioned above. 

ACDC Terpenes

Here are the top terpenes in our ACDC Terpenes Profile:

  • Caryophyllene: the essential oil of cloves, rosemary, hops and Cannabis sativa Caryophyllene has a spicy, woody aroma, it may be able to interact with the endocannabinoid, just like cannabinoids.
  • Myrcene: typically found in bay oil, hop oil, and other essential oils, myrcene is has a dank, earthy, and herbal scent, much like cannabis.
  • Pinene: Found in pine needles, conifers, and some citrus fruits, pinene is a key ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine with a number of therapeutic benefits.

Reported Effects & Feelings*

For those that have bought and used the ACDC Terpenes Profile strain, the reported effects are feelings of relaxation and happiness.

Consumers say that the ACDC Terpenes Profile strain delivers the following:

  • Happy: The limonene terpene is mood-boosting, which contributes to the euphoric effect without getting you high that many people have reported.
  • Relaxed: The pinene terpene provides therapeutic benefits which contribute to the relaxing effect that many people have reported
  • Uplifted: Many have reported feeling uplifted.
  • Mental Clarity: Many have reported having greater clarity and making you more “in the moment

Potential Effects: Euphoric, Focused, Sociable, 

Fragrance: Earth, Wood, Pine Cherry

What's in the Bottle: 100% Swagg Terpene, Nothing Else!

Recommended Amount / Ratio of ACDC Terpenes to add to your product

We recommend adding one or two drops of ACDC Terpenes per gram to your extracts and concentrates. we found that a 5 percent or 1 part in 20 works best.

We recommend this as a starting guide. You may wish to increase or decrease the amount based on your personal taste preference. For best results gently heat extract and mix well.

A ratio one drop of ACDC Terpenes per gram and mix well. We recommend this as a starting guide. You may wish to increase or decrease the amount based on your personal taste preference.

Revitalize flower and or herbal potpourri by adding one or two drops of ACDC terpenes to a clean paper towel. Place towel in a sealed container with three to seven grams of flowers / herbal blend. Place in a cool, dry place for twenty-four hours.

The terpenes should revitalize and add a ACDC characteristic to your product!

Start with 1 drop and flavor to taste when adding ACDC Terpenes to your favorite juices, fruit drinks and cocktails.

Add a few drops of pure terpenes to your recipes. Depending on the profile, start at 1% concentration and work up to taste.

Add pure ACDC terpenes to your candles! Use up to 10% terpene concentration and add to cooled but liquid wax.

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