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Maybe you’ve noticed that liquidizers are becoming more popular these days, with lots of new companies popping up to introduce their own unique versions of this extremely useful product.  While it’s great to see that this trend is catching on, it can, in fact, make things even harder for the consumer.  See, the thing about liquidizer products is that they are not subject to harsh FDA regulations, which means that companies can get away with using cheap or even harmful ingredients in their products.

At Swagg Terpenes, we’re extremely proud of our liquidizer formulas.  Not only have they won awards, but more importantly, each batch is carefully and thoroughly tested for quality and purity.  This is very important to us, as we want to prove to our customers that we offer legitimate and high-quality products so that they can experience a peace of mind when using them.

If there’s one thing that we truly prioritize, it’s the use of exceptional ingredients.  You’ll find that all of our liquidizers are made with only food grade raw materials, while so many other brands fall short.  So, what exactly are food grade raw materials, and why do they matter so much?  Well, today we’ll be taking a closer look into the ingredients that we use.

The Importance of Food Grade Raw Materials

So, what are food grade raw materials?  Simply put, they are materials that are certified to be of a food grade, which means that they are deemed safe for consumption.  And, raw ingredients are superior because they are less likely to be carcinogenic when heated to the temperatures required to vaporize e-liquid.  A lot of our customers use liquidizers daily, and so it’s very important that the ingredients are not only good-tasting but considered safe.

#1: No Vitamin E

One thing that we avoid completely is vitamin E.  As you may know, vitamin E can be harmful to inhale as it can be damaging to the lungs.  Despite this, many companies still rely on it to give a product the right consistency. 

#2: No Diacetyl

Diacetyl is an artificial flavoring agent that many brands continue to use because of its rich and buttery taste and low cost.  However, it’s believed to be harmful when inhaled in large quantities.  At Swagg Terpenes, we use only food grade raw materials, which means that we absolutely do not utilize diacetyl in our formulas, nor any synthetic flavoring agents that can be harmful.

#3: Better-Tasting Flavor Profiles

Food grade raw materials aren’t just likely to be better for you – they taste better as well.  Nothing tastes as good as the real thing, right?  Well, that’s our philosophy, which is why our flavor profiles taste clean, smooth, complex and rich – they really are made with the best flavoring agents that we can find.

#4: Better in Quality Terpenes

We use food grade terpene flavors in our formulas, which are terpenes that are derived from plant materials in which they are the most abundant.  This means that our terpenes are not derived from cannabis.  By going with food grade, raw terpenes, you can enjoy a richer and cleaner flavor, not to mention increased bioavailability in many cases.

#5: Smoother Inhales

Another great thing about the ingredients that we use is that they promote a smoother inhale, which comes from the fact that raw, food grade ingredients are less likely to burn or become harsh when heat has been applied to them.

#6: Longer-Lasting Product

Lastly, food grade, raw materials tend to be more chemically stable.  This means that they are less likely to break down within a short period of time.  Therefore, it’s likely that liquidizers that are made with raw, food grade materials have longer shelf lives.

Easy to See Why Ingredients Mater so Much When It Comes to Liquidizer Products

In an unregulated market, it’s important to know exactly which ingredients you’re inhaling into your body throughout the day.  At Swagg Terpenes, we use only the food grade raw materials, and we have the paperwork to back it up.  Therefore, you can know that when you use a liquidizer from Swagg Terpenes, you’re giving your body the best ingredients possible.

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