Wax and Shatter Liquidizer by Swagg Terpenes

Wax and Shatter Liquidizer by Swagg Terpenes

At Swagg Terpenes, you can turn any wax or shatter into a delicious e-liquid that’s rich in terpenes that may benefit you in a variety of ways.  This innovative product was created using the latest technology and advancements in cannabis in order to help you turn your existing concentrate into a superior and more convenient product.

So, what makes the Wax and Shatter Liquidizer so unique?  Well, for one thing, it’s extremely easy to use.  In fact, the entire process takes less than a minute.  Additionally, research is showing that terpenes are highly beneficial compounds that enhance the experience of consuming wax or shatter.  We’ve carefully extracted these terpenes to provide you with their full array of potential benefits whenever you hit your vaping device.

The Wax and Shatter Liquidizer: How it Works

The Wax and Shatter Liquidizer is a carefully formulated product that quickly and safely liquidizes your wax or shatter so that it can become a vape oil that is easily poured into the tank of a vaping device.  This means that you’ll be able to simply add the liquidizer to your existing wax or shatter and watch it transform before your very eyes. 

We offer a wide array of liquidizers, with each one boasting its own unique terpene profile.  Terpenes provide your concentrate with flavor while also infusing them with the unique potential benefits of these natural plant compounds.  Each liquidizer contains the specific terpene profile of a unique cannabis strain.  This means that you can select the strain that you prefer and turn your wax or shatter into a vape oil based off of the strain that suits your needs most effectively.

Why the Wax and Shatter Liquidizer May be Right for You

Say Goodbye to Questionable Additives

Many vape juices contain additives such as nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavoring extracts.  Meanwhile, wax and shatter do not.  Our Wax and Shatter Liquidizer is also free of additives, containing only terpenes and organic oil. 

This means that using our Wax and Shatter Liquidizer helps you avoid vaping filler ingredients.  If you were to buy a concentrated oil right now, you could very well end up inhaling a whole lot of ingredients that your body doesn’t necessarily need.  Essentially, our liquidizer helps you sidestep that by supplying you with only potentially beneficial plant material.

It Doesn’t Get Any More Convenient Than This

The Wax and Shatter Liquidizer is about as convenient as it gets.  This is by far the easiest and fastest way to turn any wax or shatter into a delicious vape oil that contains the full terpene profile of a particular strain that you enjoy.  And, considering the cost, it’s a serious bargain as well.

Finally, a Vape that Tastes Great

Terpenes are known to boast their own unique flavors, and adding one of our terpene-rich liquidizers to your wax or shatter can help you drastically improve the way in which it pleases your taste buds.  For instance, limonene, a highly prominent terpene, provides your concentrate with a fresh, lemony scent, while pinene allows you to savor aromatic pine whenever you inhale.

Enhance Your Existing Concentrate Product with the Power of Terpenes

Our Wax and Shatter Liquidizer doesn’t just exist so that you can turn your wax or shatter into a vapeable e-liquid.  It enhances your existing concentrate with a profound boost of terpenes that each boast their own unique potential healing properties.  This means that with each puff that you take, you’re more likely to receive a generous dose of health benefits that can enhance your mind and body.

Terpenes are becoming more and more popular because cannabis researchers are discovering that these chemical compounds play a huge role in the potential benefits of the plant.  It’s now believed that when a concentrate is taken along with terpenes, the potential benefits are enhanced dramatically.  This is why terpenes are becoming such a hot item on the market. 

Enjoy a Wide Spectrum of Exceptional Terpene Profiles

At Swagg Terpenes, we made it our mission to deliver a wide variety of terpenes for our customers to enjoy.  As you probably know, more and more strains are getting developed all the time thanks to the advanced crossbreeding techniques of today.  We’ve been staying on top of the strains that are hitting the market so that we can provide you with the ones that you most desire.  We offer a wide array of indica, sativa and hybrid strains so that you can really zero in on your needs.

The Quality is Exceptional

We work carefully with plant cultivators and use only the most cutting-edge technology to extract our terpenes and blend them together using advanced methods.  Throughout the entire process, our terpenes are carefully taken care of so that their potential healing properties are preserved.

How to Use the Wax and Shatter Liquidizer from Swagg Terpenes

Step #1: In a microwave-safe container, combine one gram of wax or shatter with two milliliters of our Wax and Shatter Liquidizer.

Step #2: “Cook” the mixture for ten seconds and stir thoroughly.

Step #3: Use the included syringe to pour the concentrate into your vape tank or cartridge.

Check It Out Today!

Our Wax and Shatter Liquidizer is a game-changing product that can help you experience the full power of terpenes.  We offer a wide variety of strains, and each one has been carefully formulated for your benefit.

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