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If you’re a fan of concentrates, you’re likely at least familiar with the concept of liquidizers.  As you may know, liquidizers allow you to turn your concentrate into an even and tasty vape juice that can be enjoyed throughout the day via a vaping system.  Liquidizers dilute concentrate in a way that allows you to enjoy a more steady vaping experience, while eliminating a lot of the harshness and risk of burning those precious compounds.

Now, when we talk about liquidizers, we tend to concentrate on wax and shatter products.  But, a lot of our customers are big fans of rosin, and they often ask us whether or not liquidizers can have the same effect on this unique type of concentrate.  Well, today, we’ll be discussing how you can turn your rosin into e-liquid using the liquidizer products at Swagg Terpenes.

What Exactly is Rosin?

For those who don’t know the difference between rosin and other concentrates, allow us to explain.  Rosin is produced by pressing the plant material between two hot plates, and then pressing those plates together so that the waxy resin is excreted from the plant material.  This produces a product that’s very similar in texture and appearance to shatter, only it’s free of solvents and does not require the use of butane.  As a result, people consider rosin a purer type of concentrate which boasts a cleaner and fresher taste.  Additionally, many people like rosin because they wish to avoid solvents altogether.

Rosin is typically enjoyed using the same types of devices as other concentrate products.  But, what happens when you apply a liquidizer to it?  Let us explain.

How Can You Actually Turn Rosin into Vape Juice?

For fans of rosin who desire a different way to enjoy those compounds, Swagg Terpenes has produced a line of liquidizers that are more than capable of transforming this unique type of concentrate into a vape juice.  Our line of wax and shatter liquidizer products aren’t just for waxes and shatters, as it turns out.  They are just as effective at turning rosin into an e-juice that can be used with a standard vape tank.  In fact, the liquidizer product is used in exactly the same manner to transform rosin into a vape juice.

To turn rosin into vape juice, you need to simply add two milliliters of liquidizer to one gram of rosin.  At Swagg Terpenes, we offer a wide array of liquidizer products that each boast their own exceptional flavor, so make sure that you explore the full variety that we have available before settling on the one that you desire.

Once you’ve combined these two products together, you can microwave the mixture for ten seconds.  Then, remove it and give it a good stir to ensure that the products are thoroughly mixed together.  From there, you can simply grab the syringe that comes with the liquidizer to insert the right amount of vape juice into your tank or cartridge.

You’ll find that once your rosin has been turned into an e-liquid via one of our liquidizers, it boasts a new, more complex and yummier flavor profile, and this is due to the flavoring of the liquidizers.  You’ll also find that the resulting vape juice has a very smooth consistency on the inhale, which means that it’s being evenly heated by the vaporizer device without burning any of those precious desirable compounds.  You will also likely find that you go through your product at a slower rate, which is great for those who wish to enjoy their concentrates on a budget.

Now, bear in mind that with so many liquidizers to choose from, you may find that it takes a while to end up with the flavor that is most appealing to your preferences.  So, don’t be afraid to try out a few of our liquidizers with your rosin before settling on your favorite.

Final Thoughts

If you want to turn your rosin into a vape juice, simply use this guide, as we’ve walked you through the entire process.  As you can see, the liquidizers at Swagg Terpenes are most definitely capable of transforming that rosin into a tasty e-liquid within minutes.  By following this guide, you’ll be able to enjoy your rosin in a whole new way.

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