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If you’re buying bottles of liquidizer from Swagg Terpenes, you want to make sure that you get as much satisfaction as possible out of them to make them worth your money.  Now, a lot of people know how to use these liquidizers properly, as the instructions are very simple and user-friendly.  But, there’s another aspect that tends to be overlooked, and it’s storage.

Liquidizer products need to be stored properly, because if they aren’t, they can go bad before the expiration date.  Now, liquidizers don’t go “bad” like food does, meaning that it’s not like the product will become rotten and toxic to the body if it’s no longer fresh.  However, once a liquidizer is no longer fresh, its consistency can change dramatically as well as its flavor, and it may not mix as well with the concentrate.  It’s easy to tell when a liquidizer is no longer as useful, as the color, aroma and consistency will be quite different from when you first purchased the bottle.

So, how do you store your Swagg Terpenes liquidizer bottles in a way that preserves their freshness, flavor and chemical integrity?  Well, luckily for you, we’ve created a guide.

Why Proper Storage Matters

So, why does storage matter so much with liquidizer bottles?  Well, it all has to do with oxidization.  This is a fancy word for the natural breaking down of compounds on a molecular level.  Oxidization is the same process that affects wine as it ages.  As the molecules sit and age, some bond with others while some simply evaporate.  This impacts the flavor, potency and even effectiveness of the compounds within the product.

Small amounts of oxidization can actually bring out a stronger and richer flavor, and this is referred to as “steeping” in vaping circles.  But, oxidization can be detrimental if it’s not done in a controlled manner, as it can dramatically change the composition and consistency of a liquid product in a way that makes it no longer desirable.

How to Store Your Liquidizer Bottles for Longevity, Quality and Flavor

So, how do you store those bottles properly to ensure that they last for a long time?  Well, simply apply the tips below.

Tip #1: Cool, Dark Places are Your Best Bet

Two things that speed up the oxidization process are heat and light.  Both of these factors force molecules to change to adjust to these conditions.  So, naturally, it’s best to store your liquidizer bottles in a cool and dark place.  This could be a closet in your bedroom, a cabinet in your kitchen or a drawer in your dresser.  The less heat and light exposure, the better.  Now, keep in mind that cool doesn’t mean cold.  Cold temperatures can temporarily change the consistency of the liquidizer formula and make it difficult to blend with a concentrate.

Tip #2: Don’t Keep Your Liquidizer Bottles Outdoors or in a Car

Whatever you do, don’t leave your liquidizer bottles in a car or in an outdoor space like a shed.  Outdoor conditions are prone to extreme changes in terms of temperature, humidity and light.  Extreme, sudden changes can dramatically alter your liquidizer product.

Tip #3: Only Buy as Much as You’ll Realistically Use within a Normal Time Period

We know that you might be so excited about our liquidizer products that you buy a ton of different flavors at once.  However, this increases the chances that you won’t use them all up in a timely manner, and the longer those bottles sit around, the greater the chance that they’ll break down before you get a chance to enjoy them.  So, only buy as much as you’ll use within a period of a couple of months.

Overall, Proper Storage is Crucial

The liquidizer products at Swagg Terpenes are made fresh and are produced with the best ingredients to ensure both quality and usefulness.  But, once our liquidizer products leave our factory, it’s up to you to make sure that they are stored properly so that they can be enjoyed to their fullest potential.  Use this guide to make sure that you store your bottles in the right manner to enjoy them for a long time to come.


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