Everything you need to know about SAN FERNANDO VALLEY OG (SFV) terpenes

Boasting a strong aroma, SFV OG (San Fernando Valley) by Swagg Terpenes it’s a sativa-dominant that encourages euphoric creativity, favorite for stressful days as it provides seriously relaxing effects but without couch-lock.



It is hard not to fall in love with the smooth sugary smoke produced by the SFV OG. The effects started to set in almost instantly; first taking over your mind, and then making the limbs throughout your body heavy. The ghost OG will have you feeling completely care-free, painless, and boost for appetite.


Those looking for a discreet strain should probably look elsewhere. When dissected for smoking pleasure, you will receive a powerful smoke mixed of diesel fuel, pine and hints of lemon.


A citrus forward smoke with a spicy kick on the inhale, SFV OG offers hints of tangerines and a sweet diesel aftertaste when exhaled. A superior daytime smoke by virtue of its genetic predisposition, those suffering from bouts of social anxiety may want to pass on this strain-particular in the evening.


This is certainly not a strain to use to start your day. However, it is quite ideal for winding down.


Effect: restful, euphoric, happy

Fragrance: piney, earthy, dirty, pungent.

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