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All of us who enjoy our wax and shatter Liquidizer are regularly looking for ways to improve upon our experience by making minor adjustments to our setups, including the type of concentrate that we consume, the output settings of our vaporizers and even the models of the vaporizers themselves.  One great way to take your concentrate experience to the next level by using a liquidizer.  A high-quality liquidizer safely and quickly turns your wax or shatter into a liquid that acts as a vape oil.  It can then be poured into a vaping device and vaped like any standard e-liquid.

However, it’s important to know that not all liquidizers are created equally.  While we at Swagg Terpenes strive to produce high-quality liquidizers that are safe to use and high in quality, not all brands can make the same claims.  Generally speaking, there are four things that you should look out for when choosing your liquidizer from a company.


A lot of people are talking about CBD these days and for good reason.  This hemp-based cannabinoid is becoming extremely popular because of its many potential uses.  However, not every wax or shatter enthusiast wants to consume a high dose of CBD when they enjoy their wax.  For one thing, CBD comes from the hemp plant, which is not necessarily the plant that wax and shatter enthusiasts wish to consume when they enjoy their concentrate.  Besides, many CBD products on the market contain questionable ingredients because of the fact that the current market is unregulated by the FDA, which means that when you purchase a CBD product, it can be hard to verify its quality, not to mention its legitimacy.


Liquefiers are cutting agents that thicken a product without adding to its benefits.  Many liquidizer brands use liquefiers as they help make a product appear more substantial and legitimate while watering down the compounds that concentrate users are trying to consume.  In fact, many liquefiers are downright dangerous and not approved by the FDA, which is why it’s best to avoid them at all costs.  Besides, using a liquidizer that contains liquefier almost means that you won’t be getting as much bang for your buck as you’re entitled to.


We know that in many states, THC is perfectly legal, but on a federal level, it’s illegal in the United States.  That’s why finding a liquidizer that’s free of THC is absolutely crucial.  A lot of black market companies throw THC into their liquidizers as a way to increase their appeal, but this can have varying results, and can get the user into a lot of trouble.  If a company is adding THC to their liquidizers, that’s a sign that they’re not following guidelines, regulations and laws, and so you should be skeptical of whether or not they’re a legitimate company at all.

No Vitamin E

Lastly, we have vitamin E.  You absolutely do not want to purchase a liquidizer that contains vitamin E.  In case you haven’t heard, it’s vitamin E that’s responsible for the recent wave of respiratory illnesses caused by vaping.  Many black market companies are adding vitamin E to their THC cartridges to water down the product, at the risk of killing others.  Vitamin E is safe for the skin, but vaporizing it can cause permanent injury to the lungs.  If a liquidizer contains vitamin E, stay far, far away, with zero exceptions.

Wax and Shatter Liquidizer at Swagg Terpenes

We at Swagg Terpenes put tremendous effort into formulating the best liquidizer that we could.  The Wax and Shatter Liquidizer is free of THC, CBD, liquefiers and vitamin E.  The formula consists of mainly natural ingredients, and none of these ingredients have been found to be harmful in clinical studies. 

Our Wax and Shatter Liquidizers aren’t just great in terms of their ingredients – they are extremely easy to use, and highly convenient.  All that you need to do is add two milligrams of liquidizer to a gram of wax or shatter, and mix it while applying gentle heat.  Then, before your very own eyes, your wax or shatter concentrate will become a vape oil that’s ready to go. 

Even better, our liquidizers come in a wide range of flavors that are made from exceptional ingredients.  You’ll have no trouble finding one that appeals to your unique taste buds.

Swagg Terpenes, Takes Wax and Shatter Liquidizers Very Seriously!

We strive to utilize only the best, cleanest ingredients, and create a product that’s legal to consume and free of harmful ingredients.  If you want to watch your wax or shatter turn into a vape-friendly oil within a matter of minutes, check out our selection of Wax and Shatter Liquidizers today.  We offer a massive selection of flavors for your unique nee


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